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Happy Valentine's Day, snakewhissperer!

This is a Valentine's Day post for snakewhissperer. She wanted angsty Nine/Jack/Rose with some sonic screwdriver action. My angst button must be broken, though, as this came out more funny than anything. Sorry about that. I hope she enjoys it, anyway.

Title: The Doctor Also Swims
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Who knew the TARDIS had a swimming pool? And that Rose liked to swim naked? And that the Doctor liked to watch?
Warning: This post contains manips that are NSFW. Also, voyeurism.
Disclaimer: No character in this story belongs to me. The manips are obviously fake and not the real actors.
A/N: Again, sorry for the lack of angst. I hope the extra manips make up for it. I did, however, manage to get a bit kinky with the sonic screwdriver. ;D

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

He hadn't even known the TARDIS had a swimming pool until Rose had asked if there was one. They went searching, and there it was in a room the Doctor was sure had been a storage closet only the day before. It seemed he wasn't the only one developing a fondness for his newest companion, and he stroked the TARDIS's wall in thanks.

The room was vaguely Grecian in decor, with white tile and columns and ferns hanging from the high ceiling, and the large, round pool was clear and bluer than any water Rose had ever seen before. She squealed in delight and ran off to find her bathing suit while the Doctor inspected the new natatorium. The old girl had gone all out for Rose. Besides the pool, there was a row of comfortable-looking beach chairs. There was also a hot tub tucked into a corner and a sauna in a separate room at the back.

The Doctor was fiddling with the buttons of the sauna when Rose ran happily back into the room. "Doctor?" she yelled breathlessly as she kicked off her thongs and threw down a towel on a beach chair. "Where'd you go?" The Doctor realized she couldn't see him in the sauna, even though he had a clear view of her through the small window in the door. He opened his mouth to call out to her, but then Rose threw off the bathrobe she'd been wrapped in, and the Doctor lost his voice.

He'd known Rose was attractive, of course. She wasn't bad for a silly ape, anyway. But he'd never seen so much of her before. Rose's hair was pulled up in a high ponytail, showcasing her strong jaw and long, slender neck. The swimsuit, if one could call it that, she wore was tiny. Minuscule. A few bits of string holding together bits of fabric smaller than the Doctor's hand. Between the the bits of string and cloth was more skin than the Doctor had any right to see. He told himself that again and again, but found himself helpless to look away. He was suddenly aware of how very long it had been since he'd last had sex.

"Doctor?" Rose called again, scanning the room for him.

If was a better man, he would have announced himself, made his excuses, and fled. However, it seemed he was not a better man, or even a good man. Instead of leaving, he hid behind the door and watched as Rose shrugged and dove into the water.

Even then, the Doctor could have saved himself. He could have waited until Rose had had her fun and then left a discreet time after her, chalking up his adventure in voyeurism as a fluke never to be repeated. But then Rose peered around the room and called his name one more time. When he still didn't answer, Rose fumbled a bit under the water, then her wet bikini hit the tiled floor with a slap. She sighed blissfully to herself and then splashed about completely naked, her winter pale skin glistening and her wet hair whipping around her face. The Doctor was hooked, and thus began his career as a stalker.

A couple of times a month, usually after one of their more grueling adventures, Rose would announce she was off for a relaxing swim, asking the Doctor if he fancied a dip, too. He always turned her down, saying he had something or other to repair or Time Lord business to attend to. But while Rose was changing, he slipped into the sauna room. He told himself it wasn't that bad, watching Rose swim naked, because it wasn't like he was touching himself as he did it. He saved that for later, in the privacy of his own bedroom. He wasn't some pervert who got his kicks through a peephole. He was just... appreciating Rose's natural beauty. When she didn't know he was there.

It could have continued for years, if not for Captain Jack Bloody Harkness. That conniving smile of his wormed its way into Rose's heart, and then he wormed his way into the TARDIS. Okay, so the Doctor couldn't have just let the lad blow up, not after saving all their lives, but that didn't mean Jack got an indefinite free ride out of the deal. Only, it seemed Rose disagreed. Whenever he made noises about dropping the flyboy off at some friendly planet, she glared at him and asked Jack how he was settling in.

"Fine," Jack answered that question after a particularly heated glaring match between the Doctor and Rose over the subject of how much Jack might to see -- and live in -- 16th century Rome. "Though what do you guys do for exercise around here? Besides all the running, I mean," he added with a megawatt smile that seemed to go right to Rose's knees. "That's great, but a guy has to work the upper body, too."

The Doctor could swear he caught the man's eyes dart down to Rose's ample chest. He opened his mouth to snap out something about keeping your eyes to yourself, pretty boy, but Rose beat him to the punch by saying, "There's a pool. Do you like to swim?"

"Love to!" Jack cried, and the two humans were out the door before he could stop them.

It wasn't his business, the Doctor tried to tell himself. If they wanted to splash about, who was he to stop them? Other than their host and the rightful owner of this ship, of course. If Rose wanted to wear that teeny thing she called a bathing suit in front of the Captain, then she had every right to. He obviously couldn't waltz in there and demand she keep her clothes on. Or her suit on, come to think of it. He knew how she loved to swim nude. And that begged the question of the Captain's swimwear. Did he have a suit with him? Knowing the man's exhibitionist streak, it was probably smaller than Rose's. Leaving all those inches of golden skin and bulging muscles on display. The Doctor ground his teeth.

Maybe Rose didn't like golden skin and bulging muscles. She'd been with Ricky, after all. Who was he kidding? Everyone liked golden skin and bulging muscles. Probably even Ricky. They were probably in there now, shedding clothes and giving each sly looks, giggling behind their hands. They'd frolic a little, playful splashing leading up to breathless confessions, and Jack -- Jack Bloody Harkness -- would probably get to do what he himself had been wanting to do for what seemed like forever, and that's a fantastically long time for a Time Lord. Namely, touch every inch of Rose's skin. He was running before he'd even finished the thought.

He burst into the natatorium just as Jack was kicking the scrap of fabric only the least inhibited societies would call a proper bathing costume off his ankles. He stood there in all his glory, which the Doctor had to admit was rather glorious, his hands on hips and grinning down on a pleased-looking Rose floating naked in the water. His smile didn't even falter when he saw the Doctor. "Hey, Doc! Glad you could join us."

"Touch her and I'll kick you out the front door into the middle of the Time Vortex," he growled, coming right to the point.

Infuriatingly, Jack's smile only got wider. He raised his hands palm out, giving the Doctor a good view of all the man had to offer. "Hey, relax. It's not like I'm stealing your girl, here."

The Doctor scowled, giving him a taste of The Oncoming Storm. "Rose is not 'my girl.'"

"You got that right," Rose snorted from the water, only to be ignored by the two men squaring off.

"Nope," Jack said cheerfully. "She's our girl. Hasn't your brilliant alien mind worked that out yet?"

The Doctor was rarely ever really surprised, but that did the trick. His jaw fell open as Jack smirked. From the water came, "Obviously not, if he's still wanking in the sauna instead of joining me in the pool."

"Oi!" the Doctor yelled. "I do not wank in the sauna!" He realized a second too late that he really should have been denying his location, not his activity. The knowing smile on Rose's face told him she hadn't missed this. "How'd you know I was in there, anyway?" he grudgingly asked.

"It's a window, you berk, not a one-way mirror. I could see you lurking back there. What were you doin', if not having it off with yourself?"

The Doctor hunched his shoulders into his leather jacket. "Watching you," he admitted, prepared for a storm of accusations leading up to her storming out of the pool and his life.

Instead, she only laughed. "You can see me a lot better from in here." She held out one wet arm to him, beckoning him into the water.

Jack winked at him. "Last one in has to bottom first!" And he jumped into the water with a huge splash.

He watched his two companions play and kiss in the water. He ran every reason he shouldn't join them through his head -- he was responsible for them, he was 900 years older and a higher species, he would outlive them one day, he just shouldn't -- until Rose looked up and yelled, "Oi! Move your arse or I'll let Jack have first turn." The Doctor was in the water in under ten seconds.

And then, well, and then....

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