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Educational Tour 4: Kentucky
Jeeves and Wooster Get Lucky in Kentucky

Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gambling and sex in Louisville.
Disclaimer: Neither Jeeves nor Wooster belong to me. Neither does Louisville. ;)
A/N: Thanks ever so to crowson75, thirstyrobot, and storyfan for looking this over for me. I adore you all!

The second full day of our stay in the Kentucky city named for that ill-fated French king, Louis XVI, dawned bright and early, as the expression goes. Though, when I think about it, I don't suppose the sun rose any earlier than the day previous. However, it was a bright and sunny day, perfect for strolling the lush grounds of Bashford Manor Stable.

But before I relate the rather fruity tale of our adventures in horse farming, perhaps I should elucidate on how Jeeves and I came to be touring that grand old place.

I had met a very nice chap on the street the day before, who was the farm's resident horse doctor. I had been asking Jeeves if he knew of any sights we just had to see while in Louisville, when an older gent in denim trousers and a coarse workshirt had stopped to ask, "Foreigners, eh?"

"Why, yes," I had replied. "I suppose the accent gave it away, what?"

"Nah," the old chappie said. "You said 'Looeyville.' The only people ever call it that are the ones ain't never been here before."

"Oh?" I asked, surprised. "What do you call it, then?" And he replied with such a mess of l's and u's that I'm not sure I can accurately represent it here. Perhaps 'Luhl-uh-vull' comes close. "Well," I said. "Quite."

I chatted with this Louisvillian ambassador for nearly half an hour. Very chummy, he was, and quite an authority on the city. By the time we had parted ways, he had invited Jeeves and I to ankle around Bashford Manor and find him if we had nothing better to do and, as it turned out, we didn't. So it was that we met a Mr. William "My Friends Call Me Buck" Clay near a large white barn at the ungodly hour of nine in the ack emma.

"There you are!" he called as he spotted us trotting up the lane. "Late start, eh? I expected you fellas hours ago."

I goggled at the man, as I had not been aware that there were people conscious and expecting company before nine, much less hours before. "Yes, well," I said with a gesture that meant that I usually rise at the crack of dawn, but it had been a rough morning and I required a bit of a lie-in. Or possibly just that there was an annoying fly in close proximity. "Lovely place, what?"

"That it is," said Buck with a wistful look around the grounds. "It's a shame, really."

"Oh? Why is that?"

And Buck filled us in on the posish. It seems the new generation of the Long family were selling off the bloodline and closing up shop. Buck shook his head in genuine despair. "And after producing some real champions, too. Just fifteen years ago, our Sir Huon won the Derby. And, before that, Azra and Manuel both took the roses! But these young folk don't care nothing for all that. Hell, if I had the scratch, I'd buy the line myself and start my own farm. It's just not right to let this place die out."

"That is a shame," I murmured and looked to Jeeves. One eyebrow was cocked slightly and his gorgeous mouth was tilted to one side in deep thought. I could tell he was already developing some scheme to try and save Bashford Manor.

"Have y'all been to the track, yet?" Buck asked. I informed him that we had not yet had the pleasure. "Well, y'all should go. It's the Derby tonight. The Downs will be full up, but it'll be a good race. I'd put a penny or two on My Play, if I were you. He's Man O'War's brother, you know." And here, he touched his finger to the side of his nose and winked roguishly.

I nodded thoughtfully. "Perhaps, perhaps. Jeeves, make a note of that, would you?"

Jeeves drew out his notebook from his inner jacket pocket and jotted down the info. "Yes, sir. I would enjoy attending the Derby, sir. I have heard a great deal about the grandeur of the venue and the excitement of the race."

That seemed to buck old Buck up, and he was all smiles once more as he began to show us around the Manor.

It was rather a warm day, and I was feeling not a little hot and sweaty soon afterward. By noon, I had nearly had my fill of pastures, barns, and fences, but a small, noisy crowd near a small paddock caught my attention. "I say, Buck, old thing," I said. "What the devil is going on over there?"

"Ah. That's the breeding ring. We're breeding old Sir Huon to a mare from Lexington today. She's of a good lineage. The foal ought to be a fine racer."

I informed Buck that I hadn't known horse breeding to be such a spectator sport. He very kindly explained that the 'spectators' were actually farm hands who observed the activity to ensure neither equine party was injured and that insemination actually occurred. "Come on down and take a gander, if you like. I should probably be down there, anyway, to supervise, like."

We headed off in that direction and Buck was soon lost in the crowd. Jeeves and I found an empty place around the fence and watched as a large bay stallion circled a smaller, brownish mare. Occasionally, he nipped at her neck, eliciting calls of "hee-yah" and "whoa-up" from those assembled when he got too aggressive.

"Jeeves," I said quietly to my man. "Did I understand rightly? Are we really to watch while these two animals... make a third?"

Jeeves bowed his head slightly to speak softly near my ear. "Yes, sir. Does that bother you, sir?"

I didn't want to admit it to Jeeves for fear of being thought a prude, but it did bother me slightly. It didn't seem right, watching the poor beasts in such an intimate moment. Perhaps I wouldn't have thought so only a month ago, but, since that time, Jeeves and I have had our own share of intimate moments and I couldn't imagine having to perform for an audience. "Well," I said to Jeeves in my own near-whisper. "It seems a bit rum, don't you think, Jeeves? All this watching business? I would think all of God's creatures would be afforded the same right to privacy that we enjoy."

Jeeves's mouth quirked into an amused moue. "And do you... enjoy it, sir?"

My mouth dropped open and I fear I rather resembled a startled trout. "Eh?" I was finally able to ask.

Jeeves moved closer to the young master, and our hands brushed where they rested on the fence's top rail. "Do you enjoy our private moments together, when I am free to kiss and touch you as I wish?" Jeeves asked with not a hint of shame. He could bally well have been asking the time, for all the blush marring his cheek. My own face, I'm sure, flushed a violent shade of scarlet.

"Jeeves!" I hissed. "What has got into you, man?"

"I am sorry, sir, if my question has discomfited you." The blighter didn't look the least bit contrite, though. "However, with the morning's exercise, your face is flushed and damp, and I am quite reminded of how you looked last night when I held you to my chest and used my hand to--"

"Yes, yes," I cut him off, glancing about us to see if any of the farm hands had overheard my valet and lover's ill-timed declaration. It didn't appear that any had. "I don't really think this is the time or place for this discussion, old thing."

The hand that had brushed my own only moments before brushed against me again. This time, it was nearly a dashed caress. "Forgive me," Jeeves whispered. "I fear that I am overcome with wanting you at this moment."

I was absolutely flabberwhatsit. I had never before heard Jeeves talk in such blatant terms, not even when I had laid across his chest while he pleasured me with his broad, capable hand. My face continued to burn red hot, but, thankfully, I was saved from having to reply to this libidinous statement by a loud neighing from the beasts on display. I looked over just in time to see the great stallion rear back and mount the mare. I caught sight of his massive... appendage, and I gulped so hard I nearly swallowed my tongue. "Good Lord!" I exclaimed. "Jeeves! Would you look at the size of... that?"

"Yes, sir," Jeeves said with an appropriate amount of awe for a sexual organ the size of a man's arm.

We watched the proceedings with interest. I had difficulty believing the female could accommodate such length, but no one else seemed concerned. Indeed, my fears were put to rest a moment later when the two horses easily became one. I couldn't help but repeat my previous exclamation. "Good Lord!"


I watched the mating in a kind of awed stupor until I felt Jeeves's caress again on my wrist. Pretending to brush away a piece of lint on my lapel, the devil leaned in and whispered to me, "I dreamt last night of having you under me in a similar manner, thrusting into you until you screamed my name."

At that moment, I nearly succumbed to an undignified death by ingestion of my own tongue. "Jeeves!" I hissed, looking frantically around to be sure we were still unnoticed by the men surrounding us. Thankfully, they were all engrossed in the spectacle before us, and not in young Bertram choking to death while his faithful manservant looked smug and a little aroused. I panicked for a few seconds more, but then a mental image of what Jeeves had described floated through the old onion and I stopped dead. I saw myself naked and on all fours whilst Jeeves draped his equally nude form over my back. The picture was not an unpleasant one, and I felt my stomach flutter pleasantly. But Jeeves had mentioned something about thrusting his own organ inside me, if I understood him correctly, and I couldn't quite figure out how that would work.

"Jeeves," I said in a thoughtful manner. I couldn't help sneaking another look at the example of interlocking anatomy in front of me. "When you say 'into me'.... From what I understand of the difference between male and female anatomy, I am not equipped with... the facility... or the ability to... receive... erm, to be...." I trailed off, unable to find the right words to express my doubts. Dashed rummy things, words. They always seem to desert me or get all jumbled just when I need them most.

Jeeves, bless him, knew what I was trying to say, anyway. "To be penetrated by me, sir?"

"Erm, yes." At this rate, the old map would never be its normal colour again. Inside my trousers, the little Wooster was paying rapt attention to this new and lecherous Jeeves, which was surprising, considering a great deal of my blood was heating my face. The tent at the fly made me rather self-conscious, and I huddled around a fence post a bit, trying to conceal the damning evidence.

"Believe me, sir. It is possible. It is true that you do not possess the anatomy of a female -- and I am very pleased that you do not -- but you are still capable of taking me inside your body. Do you truly not understand how?"

I thought on that for a mo. If Jeeves were to mount me like the stallion had mounted the mare, the only place he could possibly stick his prick was.... "Oh!" Suddenly, some of the fruitier remarks I'd overheard at the Drones over the last few years made much more sense. A certain rigid body part became even harder, despite what I perceived to be a drawback to that particular activity. "But, Jeeves, I don't imagine that would be very pleasant for me, what? I mean, it would hurt, wouldn't it?"

Jeeves smirked, as much as Jeeves ever smirks. "I can guarantee that you will find it pleasurable, sir." His fingers found another imaginary piece of lint that just happened to be directly over my right nipple. I shivered at the stimulating contact. "You will come harder than you have ever come before."

Well, that was the very limit! If I stood there and listened to any more of that scandalous talk, I would make quite a mess of my favourite tweed trousers. So I abruptly turned and began legging it back the way we had come. I got about five feet before I was stopped by Buck.

"Whoa, there, Wooster!"

I clasped my hands over my groin and turned to face the chap. "Ah, yes, Buck. I do believe I need to be going. Most awfully sorry, old bean. Can't be helped, I'm afraid. Thanks ever-so for the invitation and the tour. It was very... educational."

After a heartfelt wish for further good health and happiness, and another reminder to bet my shirt on My Play, we parted ways. I was all for heading straight back to the hotel for an intimate moment and some trouser deflation, but Jeeves informed me that the races were soon to begin. So, disappointed and not a little uncomfortable, I pointed our hired two-seater toward Churchill Downs and off we went.


The Downs lived up to the tales Jeeves had heard of its grandeur and excitement. At least, he seemed to enjoy our visit there. Jeeves seemed to be having a blasted ball, actually, chatting with the locals and calculating odds in his little notebook. I, however, was bally miserable. The large spires above us made me hot and sweaty under my collar for some reason, and every time I so much as looked at a horse, I was reminded of the coupling we had witnessed. That, in turn, reminded me of the rather risqué mental images of Jeeves and I that my brain had concocted, and certain areas below the waist throbbed and ached. The worst part was that there was such a crowd it was impossible to have a private word with Jeeves about the interesting theme he had introduced at the Manor. In fact, it was almost impossible to move. There seemed to be approximately ten thousand people crammed into what was called Millionaires Row, and I had never seen so many women wearing hideous, overly large hats.

After about an hour of throbbing and aching and half-listening to Jeeves make small talk, I had had enough. Not even the fabulously minty julep drink Jeeves had fetched for me calmed my ire.

"Jeeves," I said "Don't you think it's about time we headed to the hotel? I don't know about you, old thing, but I'm knackered."

Jeeves lifted one perfect eyebrow and looked the Wooster frame over head to foot, his mouth lifting just a fraction when his eyes reached my waist. "Sir, the race will begin momentarily. If you would grant me just a few moments more, I will place a bet and wait for the outcome. If it pleases you, you may await me in the car. I shan't be more than fifteen minutes."

Eager to be away from troublesome spires and horses, I took Jeeves up on his kind offer and made for the two-seater. I was just beginning to feel like my old cheerful self and realizing how hungry the day had made me, when Jeeves appeared, holding a large wad of e strange, green American money and smirking in a way that let me know my man was very pleased with himself.

"I say, Jeeves!" I exclaimed as the man climbed aboard. "You didn't win, did you?"

"I did, indeed, sir," he replied, shoving the wad into his jacket pocket.

"Not on Buck's horse?"

"No, sir. I had thought to place a wager on My Play, but after speaking with several stable boys and jockeys, I thought it better to place the money on Morvich at three to one. It was a beautifully run race, and my wager proved wise."

"Splendid! Congrats and all that on the win, Jeeves."

"Thank you, sir."

"Now, I say, I'm famished, old bean. What do you say to a spot of supper and then... well...." Once again, my face flamed red. Jeeves didn't seem to mind, only smiled his small smile and 'very good, sir'ed me, so off we went yet again.


"I say, Jeeves, what is this mess?" I poked the concoction on my plate and looked to my man in a manner that fairly begged for a plate of good old-fashioned English fare.

"It is an open-faced sandwich of turkey and bacon, covered in Mornay sauce and baked until the bread has crisped and the sauce has browned, sir," Jeeves said, making a faint moue of distaste. "I believe the proprietor of this establishment calls it a 'Hot Brown.'"

"I don't care what he bally well calls it!" I exclaimed. "All I want to know is if I'm genuinely expected to eat this... this puddle of a meal." I looked dejectedly down at my bit of bread and meat swimming in white sauce and poked at a tomato half-heartedly.

"You did ask for the specialty of the house, sir," Jeeves reminded me.

I looked balefully around the Brown Hotel's dining room. It was lavishly appointed and quite spiffy in its decor. It was hard to believe that such things as 'Hot Browns' were lurking in the depths of its kitchen. "I suppose it wouldn't do to send the thing back untouched and ask for some simple b. and e., eh, Jeeves?"

"The chef would undoubtedly take that as criticism, sir." The man tucked happily into his own dinner of roast chicken and potatoes, a small "mmm" of pleasure escaping and indicating that he found the meal satisfactory.

Heartened by Jeeves's obvious gustatory pleasure, I speared a bit of turkey, bread, and dripping white goo and brought it to the Wooster lips. I had to admit that the concoction smelled appetizing, at least. I delicately placed the morsel on my tongue and chewed meditatively. "Oh, I say!" I ejaculated once the food had passed through my esophagus and into my tum. "That's positively delish!"

"Indeed, sir?"

"Indeed indeed, old thing!" I ignored Jeeves's raised eyebrow and dove into the Brown's marvellous offerings.

Minutes later, I sat back with a sigh and wiped the last bit of sauce from my lips. "That was heavenly, Jeeves. You must inquire into the recipe."

Finishing with his own meal, Jeeves daintily drew his napkin across his own lips and said, "As you say, sir," in a soupy kind of voice that I chose not to acknowledge.

Instead, I patted my tum and said, "A meal like that makes one dashed sleepy after a day of exertion like the one we've had, Jeeves. I believe it's early to bed for the young master tonight."

Any soupiness left Jeeves in an instant. "Is that so, sir?" he asked in an eager voice. Well, eager for Jeeves, that is. I mean, his voice had a sort of interested quality to it. "I confess that I was looking forward to retiring early, myself."

I managed not to blush this time and rose from my chair with a hearty, "Shall we, then?"

Once back in our room, Jeeves locked the door behind us and instantly had his strong arms wrapped around my frame and his lips on my own. It was the most aggressive kiss I had ever shared with my man. Jeeves went after my tongue like he would die if he didn't discover its exact length, breadth, thickness, and taste in the next ten seconds. Jeeves's lips and teeth and tongue were everywhere, devouring and claiming and possessing. The tent in my trousers returned so swiftly that I nearly swooned from the displaced blood.

Suddenly, Jeeves pulled back, and I whimpered at the loss, in a manly way, of course. "More," I pleaded and tried to recapture that talented mouth.

But Jeeves was tugging ever so slightly at my wrists. "The bedroom, sir," he said in a husky sort of growl. "If we do not make it there soon, I'm going to have you the floor."

"Sounds jolly good to me," I said, unable to tear my eyes away from Jeeves's moist and red lips.

"Not for your first time," Jeeves said firmly. "I want this to be nothing but pleasant for you, sir."

"All right, then." I smiled and gave my love one more kiss before turning and leading the way to our shared bed. Jeeves lagged behind a step or two and I could bally well feel his eyes on me.

"Did I ever tell you, sir," Jeeves asked wistfully, "what a beautiful body you have?"

I snorted and began to turn to face him, only to have Jeeves press his own beautiful body against my back and pin my arms to my sides. His strong hands slid down to grasp my hands and give them a little squeeze. "I can't wait to be inside you," he breathed into one ear.

A bolt of lust shot through my tum and down to my unmentionables. "Jeeves," I moaned, "quit talking about it and let's bloody do it already."

A puff of air against my neck told me that Jeeves was laughing, even if I couldn't hear it. He bit my earlobe gently. "You're going to be demanding, aren't you, Bertie?"

I knelt on the bed and leaned forward until I was resting on hands and knees upon it, as I had been in my mental images, only with clothes. "Oh, yes, Reginald," I said. "And if you don't join me on this bed this minute, you'll hear just how demanding I can be."

Arms came around my waist, and Jeeves draped himself over me, rubbing the stiff rod of his manhood against my posterior. "I want you to call me Reginald while I'm making love to you," he said. "I enjoy the way you say it."

"Oh, yes, Reginald," I said again, a wicked smile on my face. I loved that I could affect my stoic valet in such a way.

Jeeves bucked against me and his hands slid down to fumble with my flies. After a moment of his usually capable fingers scrambling at the fastenings, I said with a touch of humor in my voice, "Goodness, Reggie, you don't seem to be quite up to snuff today. Are you ever going to get me naked?"

The smack to my bottom took me completely by surprise. I gasped as my groin tightened. Another light smack on the other side had me gasping for air. "You must be patient, Bertie. We have a long way to go, yet."

I quickly loosened my tie and pulled it from my neck, eager to speed the process along. "Well, my love, if you concentrate on removing things south of the waistline, I will work on the upper vestments--"

I was cut off as Jeeves suddenly pulled away and flipped me effortlessly onto my back. Before I could say 'I say!', Jeeves had his tongue down my throat. I was forced to hold onto his waist during the assault just to keep my bearings. By the time Jeeves finally released me again, I could barely remember my name, much less what I was supposed to be doing at the mo. My eyes fluttered open, and I saw Jeeves smirking down at me. A cold draft made me look down to confirm what I had already suspected. Yes, I was now completely naked.

"You were saying?" Jeeves asked with one lifted eyebrow.

I hummed, impressed. "You truly are a marvel, darling. More kissing now."

Jeeves obliged me eagerly, and we spent the next minutes in blissful tongue wrestling. Jeeves's hands roamed over my naked skin, causing shivers of pleasure wherever they touched. Finally, those hands came to rest on my hips, and Jeeves used them to push himself away slightly, separating our mouths. "Oh, Bertram," Jeeves groaned, looking down at me with pure lust in his gorgeous, heavy-lidded blue eyes. "I am going to do such things to you."

"Please," I whimpered and raised my limbs in welcome.

Withdrawing the wad of cash and a small blue bottle I had not seen before from his jacket pocket, Jeeves deposited them both upon the bedside table, then divested himself of his clothes quickly. I got a good look at Jeeves's maleness and was a little relieved. It was long and thick, much as it had appeared to me the previous times I had seen it, but not overly so. As I looked upon it now with the knowledge of where Jeeves intended to put it, I could only be grateful that the man was not as generously endowed as that stallion earlier. Still, it was a bit large for a human, if not a horse. "Darling, erm, are you sure this won't hurt? Not that I don't trust you, you know. It's just that, while you have nothing on that stallion, you're still rather large for a mere man. Not you could ever be 'mere', you understand...."

Jeeves eased into my arms and quelled my rambling with a kiss, then spread himself over my frame. The feel of that maleness against my belly was even better than the sight of it. "I will not lie to you. There may be some pain as I take your virginity, but I swear to you that I will do everything in my power to avoid it. Let me show you how."

I nodded, a swell of love for this man rendering me unable to reply. Instead, I leaned up slightly and our mouths met yet again. I lost myself in the kiss and the feel of Jeeves's firm, pale body against my own slighter one. I let my own hands roam, feeling the strength under the silky skin. Finally, my digits found Jeeves's buttocks and settled there, kneading the soft skin a little in their eagerness.

Above me, Jeeves moaned and sent one hand between us to cup my erection. "I can feel you against me, and it's driving me wild with desire," Jeeves murmured against my lips, and I was reminded of how he had confessed his desire for me at Bashford Manor. He had been waiting for this longer than I had. Suddenly, I wanted to do something to alleviate his suffering.

I slid my own hand over Jeeves's side and onto his prick, feeling his moisture on my fingers. I rubbed that fluid around the tip of him and squeezed it in my fist. Above me, Jeeves bucked and groaned, then mirrored my actions. We stroked each other in silence, our lips only a breath apart, until Jeeves's hand left my skin. I heard him humming in obvious pleasure, and my eyes flew to his mouth and then widened in surprise. "You're.... You are...."

Three of Jeeves's fingers were in his mouth and he was sucking on them hungrily. When his fingers were clean, he pulled them out and smiled softly down at me. "You taste wonderful, sir," he said in a raspy voice, then was sliding down my body until his face was level with my groin. And then he took me into his mouth.

This was new. Our previous lovemaking had consisted of pumping fists and rubbing against each other's bellies and pricks. Oh, and there was that time that Jeeves let me thrust myself between his thighs until I came off rather violently. But never had either of our mouths been put to use in such a way before. And a what a shame that was! Jeeves's mouth was heaven. It was an exquisite torture, a gift from God, and my most erotic dream come true. Jeeves seemed to know every nerve ending in my prick and licked and bit and sucked and hummed in a way that threatened to make the onion explode.

Just when I didn't think it could possibly get any better, Jeeves opened his throat wide and slid himself all the way down, still licking the shaft as much as possible. "Oh, oh," I began chanting with every lash of his tongue. My hips snapped up and down with no instruction from the Wooster brain, and I was so close, so close, almost there....

And then Jeeves pulled away, shaking my hands off his head where they had become entangled in his hair. "No!" I wailed and hit the mattress with my fist in frustration. "Reginald, please don't stop!"

"Shh," Jeeves soothed me, kissing his way up my body until we were face to face again. "Kiss me again."

This kiss was slower than the ones we had shared before. Jeeves was less aggressive, allowing me to take control and ravish his mouth, which I did with a low, rumbling moan. My body slowly calmed from that desperate urge to peak, and my arousal went back down from blinding need to urgent want.

As our tongues stroked together, I felt Jeeves's hands on me, sliding down my thighs and around, pushing my pins up. Unsure what the other man was doing, I broke off the labial lock. "Jeeves?"

"Shh," he shushed me again. "Just lift them up." I did so, pulling my knees to my chest and holding them there with hands behind my thighs as Jeeves directed. "Oh, that's lovely," he praised me, then once again leaned down to take me into his mouth.

This time, as soon as I was encased in wet heat, I also felt one of Jeeves's long fingers probing between my buttocks. "Oh, yes!" I cried and bit my lower lip as the finger slid just inside me. It felt marvellous, with not a hint of the pain that I feared.

Jeeves hummed in pleasure around his mouthful. Sliding his hands up and over my tum, he reached for and found the peaked nipples nestled in my sparse chest hair and gave them a slight twist. My back arched as much as it could in the position I was in, and I shouted Jeeves's name rather loudly. Head bobbing, Jeeves set to his task in earnest.

It didn't take long for the blinding need to come rushing back. I panted and thrashed and gripped my stilts in white-knuckled hands. I moaned Jeeves's name again and again and finally dropped my thighs and grabbed my man's hair as I felt the pleasure about to crest. "Oh, please, please," I pleaded. Jeeves took pity on me and didn't withdraw again, instead shoving his finger completely inside me and hitting something that made fireworks explode inside my skull. I screamed, coming forcefully into the tightness of Jeeves's throat as he swallowed again and again around the head of my prick. I kept screaming until my body convulsed with aftershocks and my vision went all blurry.

I was unaware of the passage of time, but when I finally opened tired eyes and looked up into Jeeves's smug face, it must have been some minutes later. I could tell because my love now had three fingers inside me and was capping the small blue bottle closed with his other hand. "Hullo," I murmured, suddenly shy now that I was naked as the day I was born and spread-eagled under the love of my life and didn't have desperate need clouding the faculties.

"Welcome back, sir." Jeeves tossed the blue bottle over his shoulder and onto the bed, then leaned forward, catching himself on his free hand next to my head. He ducked down for a quick kiss then smiled. "Now that you have had a sample of what I wish to do to you, do you have any leftover doubts about making love with me?"

I smiled back up at him. "Absolutely. I think I may need more convincing, old fruit."

Jeeves laughed quietly and thrust his fingers in harder, purposefully pressing that place that had already caused me to spend once. Shockwaves went through my body, and I shivered all over at the overstimulation. "All right, all right, I give," I conceded. "You may do anything you wish to the Wooster corpus, Jeeves. I am completely at your disposal."

"I am glad to hear it, sir."

I focused once more on the way Jeeves's fingers were stretching me down below. "That feels...." I didn't want to say 'like I'm open wide enough to accommodate a cricket bat,' but that's what it did feel like. Those muscles had never been stretched so wide. Yet, good to his word, Jeeves had not caused me a bit of pain. "Are you going to take me now?"

Jeeves looked at me intensely. "Do you want me to?"

I shifted carefully and stretched tired muscles, careful not to dislodge his fingers. "Yes, I do. But I don't know if I'll be able to, erm, get aroused again...."

"Don't worry about that." Jeeves smirked at me again. "I'll make sure you get hard. I'll even make you spend again." I knew I looked doubtful -- that had been a dashed powerful climax I'd just had, after all -- but that just made Jeeves smile and say, "Trust me."

And I did, so I turned over when Jeeves slipped his fingers from me and urged me onto my belly. I settled once more onto hands and knees, then lowered my sweaty chest to the bed. I must admit that I felt slightly ridiculous in that posish, but then Jeeves was raising up and sliding behind me, and everything was oojah-cum-spiff once more.

"I've wanted this," I heard Jeeves saying quietly, "for so long. Ever since you opened your door to me on the day we met." Leaning over, Jeeves placed a soft kiss on my tailbone and slid his fingers back into the stretched muscle. "I still find it hard to believe that you welcome my touch so readily, so eagerly."

I huffed a laugh and rubbed my face in the bedsheets as Jeeves hit that wonderful place again. "How could I not," I asked, "When you touch me with such... skill." I almost said 'love' instead of 'skill', but then I remembered that neither of us had used that particular word yet. All the doubts that had plagued me in West Virginia suddenly filled the Wooster mind like a summer thunderstorm would fill a thimble. I loved Jeeves like the dickens, but what if he didn't return the heart-felt sentiment? What if Jeeves only wanted to have his wicked way with me? And what if, after having his way with the young master, there was nothing left to keep him by my side and he biffed off to parts unknown? My chest hurt at the very thought. If Jeeves left me after this, I didn't know how I would survive.

"Jeeves," I croaked, and the man instantly stilled his fingers, detecting my change of mood by the sound of my voice.

"Sir? Are you all right?"

"No, I...." I trailed off, unsure how to bring up the current thoughts running through my brain.

"Have I hurt you, sir?" Jeeves hastily removed his fingers and sounded stricken at the very thought of hurting me. That gave me courage. As did the fact that he could not see my face in my current posish.

"No, Jeeves, you haven't. But you would hurt me if you left my side after this. If we do this, Jeeves, I don't think I could be without you again."

"Oh, Bertie." Jeeves sighed and leaned in to place a gentle kiss on the small of my back. "Why would you think that I would ever leave you? Especially now that you are giving me my heart's greatest desire?"

The pain in my chest lessened at that. I turned to look at him and placed the fingers of my right hand over his breastbone as I gazed into his deep blue eyes. "Your heart, Jeeves?"

"Oh, yes, sir."

I swallowed hard. "Mine, too, Jeeves. I mean, my heart wants this, too."

He kissed my forehead lovingly, then trailed his luscious lips down my nose and to my own mouth. He kissed me with such tender pash that I felt that swell of love blocking my throat once more. I broke the labial press before I swooned like a female in one of Rosie M. Banks's novels. As I gasped for breath, Jeeves slid between my spread thighs. I could feel the slick head of Jeeves's prick rubbing against the place his fingers had just been exploring. My head fell once more to the bed as I nearly collapsed with a sudden attack of nerves.

"Do you feel that, sir?"

The answer was obvious, so I didn't even bother attempting to reply. I just sucked in a huge breath and hissed it out between clenched choppers. I wanted Jeeves to make love to me, especially now that we had declared our mutual love. Well, almost. But I couldn't stop every muscle in my body from tightening now that it was about to happen.

"Relax, sir." Jeeves ran his hands down my flanks, soothing me like a startled racehorse. "You must relax. Remember that I will not hurt you." He rubbed a little harder and I relaxed slightly.

"Sorry, old thing."

"No need to be sorry." His prick prodded me again gently. "Just get used to the feel of me. I won't try anything more yet."

I was relieved at that and felt myself relax even further. I focused on the feel of Jeeves's weeping manhood sliding in the slick substance from the blue jar. The slick skin rubbing against me felt better than I would have imagined. "Oh, feels good," I mumbled into the bed linens.

"Yes," Jeeves agreed. "You feel so good under me, Bertram." He began to thrust a little harder, now sliding himself slowly along the cleft of my buttocks, humping me as if he were McIntosh and I were dipped in anise seed. "I'll take you just like this, slowly at first, and it's going to feel heavenly." His hands pressed into my buttocks, pressing my flesh around himself and making him moan. I flushed at the sound and began to thrust backward into the strokes. "Oh, that's it. Yes, like that, Bertie," Jeeves praised me.

After a few minutes, Jeeves grabbed my hips in firm hands and stilled our movements. "Stop, stop," he said breathlessly.

I growled, bucking my hips in an attempt to get more friction. "Dash it, Jeeves, that was just beginning to feel bloody marvellous. Don't stop now!"

"Sir! Really, you must stop or I'm going to be spending on your lower back, and I'd much rather wait until I'm inside you."

The thought of Jeeves releasing his seed on my back, all over my skin, made my anatomy twitch with interest. In our previous encounters, his fluid had always ended up on his own stomach. Though I had touched it in our post-coital cuddlings, I had never been intimately acquainted with it. The thought intrigued me, to say the least. But the thought of him releasing inside my body.... A shudder ran through me, and I whimpered with want. With a start, I realised I was hard again and aching for Jeeves's touch. I shoved the old bean deeper into the bed and arched my back. "Do it," I growled in a voice that surprised me with its huskiness. "Take me. I'm ready."

"Oh, good Lord," Jeeves breathed and moved backward slightly, drawing the head of his prick down the cleft of me until it rested against the hole. He pushed forward with his hips, only an inch but enough to force the head through the ring of muscle.

"Jeeves!" I balled my digits into fists in the sheets and bit my bottom lip. I had expected pain, but there was none, just the burn of unused muscles stretching. It felt sinfully good, I have to say.

Jeeves stilled just inside me. "Are you all right?" he asked. His voice was only slightly strained and if it wasn't for the tight grip he had on my hips, I would have thought him unaffected by our joining. I nodded, unable to form words for how right I really was. "Very well, Bertie. Then I will begin." And then he was sliding inside me and he didn't stop until his thighs met the backs of mine.

There was another pause to let me adjust, and I was grateful for it. Jeeves was big, but he felt huge. There still wasn't any real pain, a testament to my man's skill, but the stretch had become strain. It felt as if the slightest movement would rip me apart. At that moment, I was extremely grateful that I was not a female horse. "Jeeves," I mewled. "Reggie, I don't know...."

"Shh, it's all right." Jeeves's hands disappeared from my skin, and I heard the bottle being opened again. A second later, I felt a coldness hit the small of my back. Jeeves swiped his talented fingers through the liquid then spread it around the taut skin surrounding his prick. He massaged the aching muscle and made soothing noises in the back of his throat.

The strain began to ease. I sighed in relief as my body finally adjusted to the intrusion. "Much better," I murmured. "I'm all right, darling. I'm fine."

"You're more than fine." Jeeves leaned over my back and placed a soft kiss between my shoulder blades. "You're gorgeous." And then he began to move.

As he had promised, he began slowly. He withdrew inch by inch until only the head remained inside me. There was a second's pause, then he was pushing back inside in one long, slow slide. A second's pause, then the process started again. On the second stroke in, Jeeves hit that incredible place he had found with his fingers. "Good God!" I surprised myself by screaming. "Lord, that's good, Reginald!" Jeeves rumbled a low laugh behind me.

Jeeves gave me only a handful of slow thrusts, hitting that wonderful bundle of nerves every time, then pulled out completely. I cried out in protest. I mean, that was hardly cricket, what? A gentleman shouldn't begin such amazing things if he jolly well didn't intend to finish them. Looking over my shoulder, I shot Jeeves a murderous glare. "Why the hell did you stop?"

Smiling his most wicked smile, Jeeves said, "While I am pleased you are enjoying yourself, sir, I want to watch your face while I make love to you."

I thought of the horses that morning and tried to imagine how they would go about the business face to face. I couldn't get it to work in my head. "Is that possible, Jeeves?"

"Of course, sir. If you will lay on your back and lift your legs, I will show you." As my knees were beginning to ache, that sounded like a spiffy idea to me. I rolled over onto my back and my lover arranged my legs so that they fell to either side of his hips. I looked down the lanky Wooster frame, past my flushed and leaking cockstand, to see Jeeves's hand caressing his own sac as he moved into place. Jeeves lowered his groin to mine and rubbed our pricks together briefly. My eyes rolled back in my head at the intense feeling. "One day, I'm going to rub off against you, just like this, and cover you with my seed," Jeeves promised. "But for now...." He pushed my thighs up and against my chest, then reached above my head for a pillow. He shoved it under my hips, then shoved his cockstand back inside me.

The lovemaking was faster now. Jeeves braced himself against the back of my thighs and pumped into me with purpose. I could barely breathe, doubled up like I was, but decided it was worth it as the cock in me continually scraped over that miraculous thing called the prostate. If I had had the air to do so, I would have been begging and pleading Jeeves to move faster and harder. Jeeves seemed to know what I wanted even without the begging, though, and moved into me in a faster tempo, really putting his back into it. He began grunting in time with his snapping hips. "Oh, oh, Bertie, oh."

"Reginald," I called. "Oh, Reggie!" Unsure what to do with my hands, I let them flail above my head of their own accord. They alternately gripped the bedsheet and my own head. I tried to slide one down and touch myself, as my manhood was throbbing insistently now and feeling quite neglected, but Jeeves swatted it away and gave me a stern look.

"Do you wish to come?" Jeeves asked me. His face and chest were flushed and sweaty, his brilliatined hair damp and sticking to his forehead. His eyes burned with lust and made me burn, too.

"Yes, yes!" I cried. "Oh, my God, love, make me come!"

"Your wish...." Jeeves trailed off and pulled my pins down and guided them around his waist. He leaned forward, catching himself on hands braced on either side of the Wooster onion, and dipped down for a brief kiss that was more teeth than tongue.

I wrapped my limbs around Jeeves's neck and hung on as the other man began slamming into me. I panted and groaned and met each of his thrusts with one of my own, bowing my back off the bed with the force of them. "Reggie! Reggie!" I called, my hands clawing at Jeeves's broad shoulders and slipping on the sweat there. "I'm so close. I'm going to... Oh, Lord!"

And Jeeves's hips began moving in swerving patterns, circles and ovals and perhaps even figure eights. I couldn't tell for sure because I was too busy climaxing harder than I ever had before in my entire life. No one was even touching my member, but it didn't matter. Jeeves's prick in me was hitting exactly where I needed it to, and my back was arched so high that only my shoulders were touching the bed and my stilts were squeezed tightly around Jeeves's waist. I fairly fountained my seed between our bodies. I clung desperately to my love as I convulsed and shouted through my orgasm, trusting the paragon of a man to take care of me as I lost all control. Jeeves did. He lowered us both to the bed and held me and called my name over and over, still thrusting as much as the tight grip of my thighs would allow.

Finally, I heaved in a huge, shaking breath and went limp, completely spent. My arms and legs fell away from Jeeves and I lay sprawled on the mattress like an overgrown starfish. "My God, my God," I whispered, my voice hoarse from shouting. I vaguely hoped that the hotel had soundproof walls.

Jeeves pressed kisses into the wet skin of my neck, nipping occasionally with his sharp teeth. I felt a twitch inside and realized that Jeeves and I were still connected. I shifted experimentally, and Jeeves groaned softly in my ear. Flushing, I realised that I'd been too busy with my own pleasure to make sure Jeeves had finished, as well. "Erm, Jeeves?" I shifted again and felt Jeeves move inside me.

"Yes?" Jeeves's hips were thrusting minutely into me now and the man was trailing kisses across my jawline.

"Did you... when I was... did you... finish, too?"

Jeeves laughed quietly, his mouth open against my lips. "Yes, sir. It was incredible."

I raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"I thought I would lose consciousness, the pleasure was so intense. You are magnificent when you come, sir."

It was ridiculous how proud that statement made me, but coming from a God among men like Jeeves, that was quite a compliment. "Erm, thank you," I said with a shy smile.

Jeeves pulled back and rose onto his hands again. "Shall I withdraw now?" I nodded, and Jeeves slid his hips backward.

As the spent prick left me, my muscles spasmed and I cringed. "Ow, Jeeves." I shifted from side to side, trying to determine just how sore I was going to be in the morning. I froze when I felt wetness between my cheeks. "Am I... bleeding?"

Rolling onto his side and cuddling up to my chest, Jeeves stifled a yawn behind one fist. "No, sir. The fluid is from me, not you." He threw an arm over my middle and nuzzled my ear with his nose.

It took me a moment to realize what he meant. "Oh," I said with a blush. I rocked a little to feel the liquid seeping out of me.

One of Jeeves's hands skimmed down my torso and down between my thighs to touch the mess. I hissed as the digits made contact with slightly sore skin. Jeeves propped himself up on an elbow and looked down at my flushed and damp visage. "This particular sex act results in a larger mess than the ones we have previously enjoyed." He withdrew his hand and rubbed it over my stomach, smearing my seed over the skin there. "I hope that does not meet with your disapproval."

"Not at all, darling," I assured him. "It's just going to take some getting used to, what? And a bath wouldn't be out of the question, either, if you wouldn't mind, Jeeves."

"Of course, sir," the sterling man replied and biffed off to the bathroom to run my water.

All in all, I thought as I reclined in our rumpled and sweaty bed, this lovemaking wheeze was the most brilliant thing Jeeves had come up with in all the years I had known the man. There was nothing he couldn't do and nothing at which he didn't excel.

When Jeeves returned to the bedroom to collect me, I steadfastly ignored the niggling voice deep in the Wooster brain that asked how Jeeves had come to be so excellent in the art of lovemaking, and allowed him to wash away the mess we had made.


I awoke later than usual the next morning, as would be expected, with a song in my heart and a smile on my map. Well, I say. After a night like the one I had passed, it would have been impossible to be anything but completely boomps-a-daisy. However, the first thing I noticed upon regaining consciousness was that I was alone in our bed. Jeeves was nowhere to be seen. The second thing I noticed was that, not only was Jeeves gone, but so were his clothes and the bundle of dollar bills he had placed on the bedside table the night before.

The happiness in my breast died a quick death. I had a brief moment of panic that Jeeves had grabbed the dough and legged it for the hills, as I had feared he would after taking the young master's innocence. But then the bedroom door opened and in floated Jeeves, fully dressed and looking quite pleased with himself.

"Good morning, sir. I had not expected you to be awake yet this morning." He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss upon my lips, and all was right with my world once more.

"Good morning, Jeeves. Lovely day, what?"

Jeeves smiled a small, dignified smile. "Extremely clement, sir. I believe our acquaintance, Mr. Clay, would agree."

He looked so self-satisfied that I just had to ask after what he meant. "What do you mean, Jeeves?"

"I have just been to see Mr. Clay and found him to be in jovial mood. Of course, the sum of $900 that I gave him as a tip for his excellent advice on the Derby could have greatly helped his mood."

"Jeeves!" I exclaimed. "You gave old Buck $900? Why, that was everything you won yesterday!"

"Yes, sir, it was."

"That's a dashed good tip, old thing," I said disapprovingly. "Wait a moment! Didn't Buck tell you to bet on My Play?"

"He did, sir. However, I informed Mr. Clay that, when I arrived at the betting window, I misread the note I had written and, therefore, bet on the wrong horse. Which just happened to turn out to be the right horse. He chastised me on my bad penmanship, but congratulated me on my fortuitous win and accepted my gratitude."

"But that was your money, Jeeves."

Jeeves sat on our bed and cupped one Wooster cheek in his palm. "The money means nothing to me, sir. I have everything that I need right here. Mr. Clay, however, now has sufficient funds to buy a breeding pair of horses from Bashford Manor and begin his own farm. It is what I thought you would have wanted."

I leaned into my love's hand. "Oh, Jeeves, of course it is. You are generous to a fault, old thing."

"I have learned from the best, my love."

My heart soared at the endearment. I lifted my face to his and kissed my man until we were both breathing hard. Finally, Jeeves pulled away and cleared his throat. "It is nearly noon, sir. We must be leaving soon if we want to make our next destination on time." His voice was deeper than usual and rough with lust. I wanted nothing more than to drag him into bed with me and spend the day there. However, I was eager to see what other adventures awaited us on our world tour. I threw the blankets from my carcass and stood.

"Very good, Jeeves. Lead the way."

for more information on the derby, you can go here, here, or here at the official churchill downs site. oh, and i couldn't find what morvich's actual odds were, but he was the heavy favorite to win the 1922 derby. the rest of the derby info is correct.

bashford manor stable was a real place. you can read the wiki here, or visit the website of the bed and breakfast it has now become here. the rest of the farm is now unfortunately a wal-mart and a lowe's.

some photos now, do you think?
a genuine louisville hot brown
churchill downs in the early 20th century i couldn't find a date for that pic, but that's most likely what it looked like when bertie and jeeves would have visited.
the parking lot of the downs around the same time

also, have a video on how to make a mint julep. and one on how to properly pronounce louisville. ;D

okay, i think i'd better stop before i overload you all with useless information. *lol*

storyfan is up next with michigan. :D



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Aug. 2nd, 2009 02:10 am (UTC)
That was HOT. Although part of me still isn't quite convinced that Jeeves was acting more out of love for Bertie than lust. It felt more like fucking than lovemaking. Maybe that'll be part of the developing-relationship!Jooster aspect of later entries.

Overall, great job!
Aug. 7th, 2009 03:06 am (UTC)
thank you! :D

i guess i figured that the previous chapters had done enough of a job setting up the loving relationship. i was going more for an explosion of passion. but i'm sure someone else will do a more gentle, loving sex scene. they still have to use the big L word with each other, after all. :)
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"...my heart wants this, too." D'aww, Bertie! <3
Also, soft spot for Jeeves' Christian name <3
Jeeves and Wooster does Equus. Can't believe you pulled it off so well, lol.
Very nicely done! Perfect balance between originality and convention.
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Wow! So hot. And I love seeing that generous side of Jeeves. Congratulations on delivering a perfect chapter! (The horse breeding thingummy was sort of scary, though. LOL!)

Thank you for this awesome bit of fic......

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thanks, dear! :D you should see a video of horses breeding. it'll put you off sex for a week. *lol*
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Not surprisingly, wayqaychay comes up with hard porn no matter the provocation. No mistakes, the tour has got quite educational for Bertie. (Not that the vintage area details seemed inappropriate).

I agree with Jeeves about 'Reginald' spoken aloud, and I very much appreciated the bit of Bertie's sentimental insecurity amidst all the action, - kept things adorable to add to hot. On the subject of the adorably sentimental: Jeeves the Charity Champion.

The 'indeed indeed' line is a winner.
'Maleness' - never heard that one before.
The horses-thing was disturbing.
(People calling each other 'my love' or 'darling' in earnest always reads jarringly unrealistic to me).

How did Jeeves become so experienced? Am jealous on Bertie's behalf.
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there's just something about bertie saying reginald, isn't there? unbelievably hot. :D thanks!

i'm hoping someone will pick up the experienced jeeves idea and run with it. i'd like to see where that goes, myself.
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This story was hot to trot, my dear. And actually, thanks for all the links. I love a good mint julep.
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Well, I've read this several times now and still feel a bit speechless. So awesomely hot! I love it! My favourite part:
Arms came around my waist, and Jeeves draped himself over me, rubbing the stiff rod of his manhood against my posterior. "I want you to call me Reginald while I'm making love to you," he said. "I enjoy the way you say it."

It's been a rough day but you've made me feel all happy and blissful.

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thank you! i have to say that i like that part, too. i have a thing for bertie calling him reginald. ;D i'm really glad that i could make your day a little better.
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Good God woman! *dies*

That was SO hot. I love your writing so much, thank you for this.


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thank you! :D
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I loved this so much. It was sweet and hot at the same time. I almost forgot how to breathe for a moment there *fans self*
Also thank you for all the extra info.
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thank you! i'm so happy you enjoyed it so much. :D and i'm glad you liked the extras!
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You are in rare form with this one, dearie! ♥
Perhaps you should have included a video of a cold shower. ;)
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this is the best chapter so far. fantastic!
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*grins* You know I like this fic. It's funny, sunshiney and rather hot. I do love all the little details you've put in this about Kentucky too, really gives it life and energy. Fabulous work, my dear.
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