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The Rum Situation with Rocky, Part 3/3

The Rum Situation with Rocky, Part 3/3

Pairing: Bertie/Rocky Todd implied, Bertie/Jeeves, Bertie/Jeeves/Rocky
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Very slight non-con elements, but nothing terribly squicky. Also, a discussion about infidelity, in case you need a warning for that.
Summary: Jeeves has a corker of an idea. Bertie didn't even know you could do that.
Disclaimer: Not mine. No offense meant to P.G. Wodehouse, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, or Auntie Beeb.
A/N: Consider this a missing scene for the tv episode "The Full House." Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted part 2. I apologize for the wait! RL has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks, but things have calmed now.

This series was written for and dedicated to theempress14 because she asked for Bertie/Rocky to podfic, and she is awesome and should always get what she wants. (Because she's me, after all. ;D) Thank you so much to fluttering_by, nightporters, and theempress14 for jumping in with offers to beta for me when my regular beta was out of commission and doing wonderful jobs at it. And, finally, thank you to crowson75, who, despite having just had surgery, did a wonderful final beta for me. You are a trooper, girl, and I love you. ♥

Part 1
Part 2

One week after the agreement reached in our defiled kitchen, Bertram was ready to throw in the towel. Jeeves's lessons in how to let the young master lead our horizontal dance had not progressed well. Or, rather, at all. The first attempt had occurred the morning after our countertop adventure, after Jeeves and I had bathed, slept, then dirtied ourselves up once more. As Jeeves had twitched with the remains of his ecstasy, I had slid atop his person and had held his wrists to the bed, kissing his panting mouth as fiercely as I could whilst my brain was still so much pleasure-induced mush. Jeeves had allowed the assault only for seconds, then had had his arms free and one Bertram Wilberforce pinned on his back beneath him. He had then proceeded to do such positively delish things to my body that I had forgotten all about Jeeves's lessons and, indeed, my own name, for quite some time.

Of course, there had been the Malvern horror to appease and the excrescence Wilmot to return to her overprotective, smothering care. I'm not sure how Jeeves had found the time to work his magic in between bouts of seeing to the young master, but he had not disappointed. Our flat had been once again our own, free from Pershore-shaped menaces, and we had celebrated by getting fruity on the piano bench. This had led to the second lesson, in which I had attempted to play a commanding role, ordering Jeeves about and the like. He had stripped off easily enough at Bertram's demand, but had paused when I issued a directive that I had hoped would have him beneath me and begging in a matter of minutes. Jeeves had finally hopped to, only to perform his task so well that it had been I, not him, who was shouting "Please, oh, yes, please!" to the ceiling not five minutes later.

The third attempt at teaching Jeeves to loosen up on those metaphorical reins he holds so tightly had had as much success as the first two. A day later, I had suggested a joint bath. When my man had bent over to start the water for the morning splash, I had encircled his trim waist with my hands and acquainted my unclothed nether regions to the supple curve of his equally naked posterior. The result had not been good. Jeeves had been so startled that the knob had come off in his hand, spraying us both with a jet of icy water. Within moments, Jeeves had had a plumber on the phone, and the whole thing had been cleaned up in a jiffy, but the amorous mood had been lost by that time.

The rest of the week continued in much the same vein. I would attempt to dominate, and Jeeves would either turn the tables and reduce the Wooster brain to incoherency or become so unnerved that all prospects of lovemaking would be ruined for the day. It was getting bally frustrating.

"Jeeves," I said on the morning of the seventh day.

"Sir?" Jeeves ground out between clenched choppers.

"I don't think this wheeze is going to work." I released his own gentleman's personal gentleman from my grasp and allowed it to rest on his belly, as soft and pliant as it had been ten minutes ago when I had taken it into my grip. I mused sourly that the only part of Jeeves's body that was not tense and hard was the one part of him that I wanted to be so. "You may release the headboard if you wish."

His hands swiftly fell from where I had instructed Jeeves to keep them while I pleasured him. Only, it seemed, Jeeves was unable to feel any pleasure when not allowed to control his own movements. The man rose from our bed and put some distance between us, standing with his gorgeous backside to me while he smoothed his rumpled hair down and composed himself. When he deemed himself presentable, he turned to face me, stuffed frog look in place despite his nudity.

"Sir, I apologize."

I waved this away. "No need, old thing. You couldn't do it. You gave it the old Jeevesian try, but you couldn't overcome thirty-odd years of mental discipline." I stood from the bed, as well, and donned my dressing gown. "I can't say I'm not disappointed, Jeeves, because I am. I had thought there was nothing you couldn't do, and the anticipation of finally getting to bed you properly was almost... palatable?"

"Palpable, sir?"

"Yes, that's the one. But if you can't, then you can't." I wrapped my arms around his stiff frame and buried my nose in the soft ebony hair decorating the massive expanse of skin the man calls a chest. "I'm not giving up completely, though, Jeeves. Perhaps, over time, you will become more accustomed to a masterful touch from the young Wooster and find your iron will has rusted away enough to allow me to make love to you. Perhaps not. Whatever happens, my dear man, my feelings for you remain unchanged."

Jeeves remained stiff against me until, finally, he sighed a sigh the likes of which I had never before heard from his lips. He hugged me tightly. "Once again, your kind heart and giving nature overwhelm me, sir. I swear to you, I will find a way fulfil your desire. My only wish is to make you happy."

"You do, Jeeves." I pecked him on the neck, and then slid my hand down to fondle him intimately. "And I would like to return the favour, if you get me." I slid my eyes to the rumpled bed. "I'll let you use those capable hands on me this time, if you'll let me do that thing with my tongue that makes you flush so charmingly."

Jeeves quirked his delectable lips in a wicked smile, meaning he lifted the right corner a roguish quarter inch. "Very good, sir."

And it was, too.

Thus it was that, when the telegram from Rocky Todd arrived four weeks later and asked for our help with a desperate situation, I had put all thoughts of putting Jeeves under me, so to speak, right out of the onion. If I had noticed Jeeves giving me a kind of thoughtful look now and again, likely I had credited it to the man thinking up new and scandalous acts to perform upon the Wooster body. I hadn't thought of the rum sitch with Rocky in so long, in fact, that Jeeves was even forced to remind me who the 'Rocky' sending me telegrams was. It all came rushing back, of course, and I became slightly panicked, expecting Jeeves to be angry or hurt that the man to whom I had almost made illicit love was once again contacting me. Therefore, it was a bit of shock when Jeeves only looked pensive and then agreed to go to Rocky's aid.

All during the trip to the Long Island countryside, I kept a weather eye on Jeeves. The man looked as placid as ever, however. Well, perhaps there was a bit of extra tension around his lovely eyes, but that easily could have been attributed to the taxicab driver. Jeeves never said a word about it, but I could tell how deeply wounded he was by the cabbie's paisley driving cap. Jeeves tends to takes things like that as a personal insult. Much as he did Rocky's pyjama and sweater ensemble.

Despite the crime against respectable fashion, the meeting with Rocky went surprisingly well. Jeeves and I listened as he read us a letter from his Aunt Isabelle indicating that Rocky was to leave the peace and quiet of West Neck, Long Island, and live it up in New York City. It sounded like a jolly good idea to me, but Rocky, sensitive poet type that he is, preferred the p. and q. of the country, it seemed. Jeeves, as always, came up with a corker of a plan. As Rocky said at the time, it kind of flickers in the middle, so I won't repeat Jeeves's solution here. Suffice it to say that my man's fish-fed brain saved the day yet again. But when the time came when he would usually biff off and set said solution rolling, Jeeves stood his ground and coughed politely into his fist.

"Yes, Jeeves?"

"Now that the matter of Miss Rockmettellor's correspondence has been dealt with satisfactorily," Jeeves said, "I would ask you, Mr. Todd, for a favour in return, if I may be so bold."

Rocky blinked at him. "Whatever you want, Jeeves!" he cried. "If your plan gets me out of having to live in New York without losing my allowance, I'll give you anything you want."

Jeeves bowed his head slightly. "Thank you, Mr. Todd. However, I do not ask for the fulfilment of one of my own desires, but for one of Mr. Wooster's."

Rocky and I both froze and gaped at Jeeves.

"Erm, what was that, Jeeves?" I asked.

"The favour for which I ask is simple, sir. I wish for Mr. Todd to allow you to take him to bed."

Well, you could have knocked me over with an f.! "Jeeves, you can't be serious!" I spluttered.

"Quite so, sir."

Rocky tore his eyes from Jeeves and turned them on me. "Bertie, could you translate? It sounded to me like Jeeves wants me to sleep with you, but that can't be right, can it?"

I glanced at Rocky, then grabbed Jeeves's sleeve. "Pardon us, old bean, I need to speak with Jeeves alone for a tick." I dragged Jeeves away a few paces, then hissed, "What in blazes are you doing, man?"

Jeeves regarded me calmly. "I promised you I would find a way of giving you what you want, sir," he began.

I cut him off sharply. "Jeeves! Dash it, I told you I wouldn't.... I am not going to.... You don't need to do this!"

Standing straighter, Jeeves flushed slightly and raised his eyes to the sky, which I had come to learn meant Jeeves was determined to get his own way. "I am unable to provide this service for you, sir, and I think it only fair that I find a reasonable substitute. Mr. Todd has already expressed an interest--"

"It is not a blasted service!" I nearly shouted. I glanced over to Rocky. The man was staring at us, completely flabber-something or other. I lowered my voice once again. "I am in love with you, Jeeves. I don't want to go to bed with anyone else, especially not while you're in the next room."

Jeeves's eyes fell to my own, suddenly blazing with the anger and jealousy I had expected when the telegram first arrived. "I have no intention of allowing you to be alone with him for one second. Sir," he added as an afterthought.

I was confused. "Wait, Jeeves. I'm confused. You want to be there, too? As in, watching?"

The fire in Jeeves's eyes changed subtly, becoming quite a different kind of heat. "Indeed. I have been pondering the prospect of a union between Mr. Todd and yourself. I believe that if I were there to supervise the night, I would find the encounter... interesting."

I didn't know what to say to that. I looked from Jeeves to Rocky, who was still gazing at us like a startled trout, and back. "I say, Jeeves.... What...? I mean, what?" Jeeves gave me a significant look, and something clicked. "Egad, Jeeves! You can't mean the three of us! How would we go about...? Good Heavens, man, is that even possible?"

Jeeves gave me a small, amused smirk. "I believe it may have been successfully attempted once or twice over the course of human history, sir. I have confidence that we will prevail."

Images suddenly filled the Wooster brain of the three of us, er, prevailing. I felt faint and clutched at Jeeves's jacket. I think the sudden wooziness must have been because all the blood in the old melon had been relocated to southern realms. "My head has suddenly gone all light, Jeeves."

With a supporting arm around my back, Jeeves held me up. "You approve, then, sir?"

I thought carefully about the offer. "But this changes nothing between us, eh, Jeeves? Once this trio thingummy is over, we go back to New York, a duo once more, yes?"

"Yes, sir. I selected Mr. Todd for this proposition not only because I knew he would be amenable to the scheme, but also because I knew neither of us had any true romantic feelings for the gentleman. Once the experience is over, the two of us shall return to New York, wiser and, perhaps, stronger without the issue of your desire to be the one to penetrate rather than the one penetrated weighing so heavily on our minds."

Here, of course, the face flamed, at least some of the blood in my body finding its way north again. I knew that when Jeeves said 'our minds', he really meant his mind, for I hadn't thought of the thing in some time. While the issue was more of a non-issue to me, I could see that it was truly worrying Jeeves's brilliant brain. I determined that the best thing to do was to go through with the thing and put his mind to rest. Truly, it was a completely altruistic decision. I nodded. "You always know best, old thing."

Jeeves's mouth twitched in approval, then, for the first time ever, he kissed me while we had an audience.

"Uh, I don't mean to interrupt." Rocky's voice broke us apart seconds later. "But what in the hell is going on here?"

I pulled away from Jeeves and stood on shaky pins. "Jeeves has asked for a favour, Rocky, in return for helping you. I think it's only sporting, what?"

Rocky gulped. "I thought Jeeves didn’t want us having sex. You said the last time that he wasn't to know about--"

I nipped that sentence in the bud. Jeeves need not know that I had nearly tried to conceal my illicit tryst. "Jeeves knows all, my man. While he doesn't approve of our past liaison, he has granted permission for this one-time-only event. In short, we're game, if you are."

Rocky's mouth opened and closed a few times, and he looked as stunned, I imagine, as I often do when told by some bothersome filly that she intended to marry me. Finally, dazed words found their way past his lips. "Well, fuck me."

"Precisely, sir," Jeeves said.

The walk back to Rocky's humble abode was deuced uncomfortable. I don't mean the atmosphere. I mean my trousers. They seemed to have shrunk five sizes and were unbearably tight around the unmentionables. Finally, we arrived, and, as soon as Jeeves had the door firmly shut behind us, I had an armful of lusty American poet.

Rocky latched his lips to my own eagerly. I have mentioned before that Rocky was a passable kisser. It seemed his technique had improved since the last time our mouths had met. Or perhaps it was just the addition of Jeeves pressing against my back. Whatever the cause, this kiss was right up there with Jeeves's best liplocks. I returned the attentions with gusto.

When Rocky's hands started to unbutton whatever buttons they found, Jeeves breathed into my ear, "Perhaps we should continue this in the bedroom, sir."

Rocky let me up for air to croak, "Right-ho, Jeeves," then started to pull us down the hallway, his lips once again clamped tightly on my own.

The wonderful thing about sluggards is that they spare no expense on their beds. Rocky's was marvellously large and soft and had bed sheets that felt like silk against my skin when Rocky pushed me down onto them. I stretched luxuriously against the pale sheets and gave Jeeves and Rocky both my best 'come hither' eyes.

Pulling his sweater over his head, Rocky asked Jeeves, "Is Bertie okay? His eyes look strange."

"That is only Mr. Wooster's own personal interpretation of 'bedroom eyes'," Jeeves replied as he swiftly shed his uniform. "It is nothing to worry about, Mr. Todd."

"I think, in the circumstances, you can call me Rocky, Jeeves."

Jeeves inclined his head and removed his tie. "As you wish, sir."

"And what should I call you? I don't think I've ever heard your first name."

I winced slightly. I knew what was coming.

"My name is Jeeves, sir," Jeeves said in his frostiest voice with a matching icy glare.

Rocky looked startled. I tried to smooth things over. "Jeeves prefers to be called such even in bed, Rocky. I think he likes the way I say it."

That melted the coldness in Jeeves's expression. "Indeed I do, sir," he said warmly and smiled at me fondly as he removed his jacket.

The undressing portion of the evening was taking too long for my liking. I struck a seductive pose to lure someone onto the bed with me.

Rocky stopped unbuttoning his pyjama top. "Are you okay, Bertie? Do you have a cramp?"

"No, sir," Jeeves answered for me. "Mr. Wooster is indicating that he is ready to proceed with the evening's main event. I believe the resemblance of the pose to that of someone with leg cramps is completely accidental."

"Oi!" I said, then found my mouth abruptly waylaid as Jeeves pounced on me, nearly naked. I forgot all about defending my seduction technique and put my hands to work on Jeeves's skin. Another body lay next to mine and I soon had four hands tugging at my clothes. I was bare as a newborn babe in no time.

Once I was in the altogether, it was Jeeves's turn. I pulled without much success at his flies, as my hands were shakier than San Francisco on a bad day. Rocky rallied round and added his fingers to the fray, but a pained look from Jeeves let me know this wasn't entirely welcome. "Rocky, old thing," I gasped. "Take off those blasted pyjamas. I'll attend to Jeeves."

"Okay, Bertie." Rocky left the bed to shed the rest of his clothes, and Jeeves shot me a grateful look. I kissed him hard in acknowledgement.

Jeeves took over the task of disrobing and then lay sprawled next to me in all his glory. It would have been impossible to resist the temptation of the man's gorgeously displayed thighs, so I did not attempt it. I slid my digits over the smooth skin and fine, black hairs there, quickly following my fingers' path with my lips. Jeeves hummed in pleasure under me. "You have the legs of a Greek statue, Jeeves, do you know that?" I asked him between kisses.

"Thank you, Bertram," he sighed. He wrapped a hand around the back of my neck and urged me higher until my mouth hovered over a part of him that was as hard as that statue I just compared him to. "But if you wouldn't mind putting your mouth to better use...?"

"Right-ho!" I took Jeeves into my mouth and favoured him with a bit of the teeth and tongue, just the way he likes. Up and down, up and down, then a hard suck followed by a nip at the base of him. Jeeves hummed in approval.

I was so focused on pleasuring my man that when Rocky ran his fingers along my spine, I startled badly and almost emasculated the poor cove.


"Sorry about that, Jeeves! Rocky gave me a bit of a fright. Almost forgot you were there, Rocky, old thing."

Rocky pouted at that rather prettily, earning a kiss or two. I peeked at Jeeves out of the corner of one eye while I gave Rocky a jolly good tongue lashing -- just to make sure that pained expression didn't make a return appearance, you understand -- and was surprised to see my manservant's eyes catch fire as he watched us. Well, if that was what Jeeves wanted to see, then, by Jove, I would oblige!

I pushed Rocky down onto his back on those silky bed sheets of his and climbed aboard. After lodging the tip of my tongue firmly in his tonsils, I laid hands on his person, feeling the naked skin of someone other than Jeeves for the first time. There were similarities, of course. Both men were rather fit and masculine. But what struck me the most were the differences between my lover and this American. Where Jeeves was hard and muscled from years of work and long fishing holidays, Rocky was soft and supple. I don't suppose poet chappies need a lot of brawn. I found I preferred Jeeves's physique, but Rocky was certainly not unattractive to me.

The biggest difference between their two bodies was found when I wrapped my hand around Rocky's aroused flesh. Though it was by no means small, it was certainly not up to par with Jeeves's magnificent member. It fit easily into my hand and I gave it a few friendly strokes to show I was not disappointed. Moaning, Rocky tore his mouth from mine and gasped loudly for air. "Bertie! Oh, Bertie, yes! A little… a little harder?"

"Mmm," I agreed around an earlobe and tightened my grip. "And I wouldn't say no to a bit of reciprowhatsit."

Rocky's eyes fluttered close as I treated him to Jeeves's patented twist-stroke technique. "Hmm? God, don‘t stop! What was that, Bertie?"

"He would like your hand, as well," Jeeves's husky voice explained. I looked over to him and a bolt of something or other shot straight down to my nether region. Jeeves was, well, attending to his own needs, so to speak, as he watched me attend to Rocky's. While I was not unaccustomed to the sight of Jeeves manhandling himself, I had never seen him do so without the clear intent to reach his peak. Jeeves was rubbing himself slowly, languidly, much like he does to me in the bath when he refuses to bring me until the water has gone cold and I'm reduced to incoherent yet manly whimpers. The muscles in his forearms flexed extremely fetchingly with every movement.

While I was still gawking at Jeeves's activities, Rocky gave over a hand and took me into his firm grasp. That felt so topping, I nearly ended the evening then and there. "Gah!" I exclaimed, and thrust mightily from the hips. "Jeeves!"

If Rocky was offended that it was Jeeves's name I called, he didn't show it, sterling chap that he is. Instead, he shot up and cut off my ability to speak by nibbling on my tongue. That did not help my control.

Jeeves, being Jeeves, knew that my end was near. He coughed a cough that was more ram in heat than fluffy sheep on a hillside and said, "Mr. Todd, a little less pressure, I think." Rocky's grip relaxed slightly, and I groaned.

"Jeeves, you are an evil man," I said. However, Rocky had taken to nibbling my lips, so it may have sounded more like "Jees, ew are an ebil an." Jeeves is used to my attempts at speech while hampered by his own mouth and understood me, anyway. He raised one smug ebony eyebrow at me.

Rocky nipped me particularly hard to get my attention. "Bertie," he said after releasing me. "Did someone say something earlier about you fucking me? Because that would be great." He wrapped his pins around my waist and pulled me closer.

Our busy hands bumped until I removed mine and used it to push myself onto my knees. Rocky used his fist on both of us, and I thrust against him much as I had done during our first encounter. "Rocky," I croaked in what I feared was a rather unattractive way. "Yes, yes, I would like that very much." I dipped my head and kissed the man quite thoroughly.

"You shall need this." I don't know from where he got the blasted thing, but Jeeves was suddenly holding out a small bottle of oil.

Without stopping the motion below the belt, I took my lips back from Rocky and gave them to Jeeves. When they were my own once again, I said, "Thank you, love," and took the bottle. And then I froze. What did I do with the thing? "Um, Jeeves."

"A finger, first, sir, then two. Gently but with persistence. Try to duplicate the preparations I give you when we make love."

Just thinking of those preparations had the blood pounding in my temples. "Right-ho," I said faintly.

Jeeves smiled indulgently and reached out a long arm to pull me to him. We ended up on our sides, my back firmly against his massive chest. This was not a new posish for us, and my left leg wrapped over his topmost thigh reflexively. Jeeves took back the oil and liberally applied the cool substance to his fingers. “Like this, Bertie,“ he whispered in my ear, then sent those oiled fingers southward.

I felt him trail those dashed talented fingers over the little Wooster, then down, past my sac and even further. "Jeeves, Jeeves," I moaned. “Inside, please!“ He obeyed and a single finger was pushed inside me. I groaned and began to move against it.

“Feel how I move it to stretch the muscles. Are you paying attention, sir?” Of course I wasn’t paying bloody attention! How silly of Jeeves to think I could possibly think of anything but how perfectly spiffing he felt inside me. But if the man had the brainpower to be giving me instructions mid-lovemaking, then I obviously had to start paying him attention, just not in the way he wanted. A wiggle on my part brought Jeeves's mighty manhood to rest someplace warm and snug. I sighed quite happily and rocked against it with purpose.

Rocky must have gotten cold without the Wooster frame atop his own, for when he rolled into me moments later, he was shivering. "Good Lord, you two are red hot! I've gotta have you soon, Bertie, or I'll bust!" He fell to kissing my neck frantically. “Jeeves,” he mumbled between kisses. “If you hold him just like that and move your hand, I can....” He shifted a bit, then I felt his prick slide against my own on its way down my body. I looked down and saw that Rocky had it in his hand, preparing to guide it inside me. I tensed, unsure whether I really wanted that from him and more unsure as to how to tell Rocky that.

“Pardon me, sir,” Jeeves said and his frosty tone was back. “But I am the only man who has ever taken Bertie in such a way, and I will continue to be so.”

I relaxed back into Jeeves’s arms. I should have known my trusted manservant would take care of the young master.

Good old Rocky was unfazed. “Fine, whatever you say, Jeeves. Just, please, somebody do something before I explode.” And Rocky once again took us both into his grasp and stroked while running his lips over my jaw and throat. “If you’re going to fuck me, Bertie, then get on with it!”

"Mr. Todd," Jeeves began in a somewhat breathless voice. A mumbled 'Call me Rocky, Jeeves!' came from the vicinity of my Adam's apple. "Rocky," Jeeves began again. "If you were to lift your leg and place it atop Bertie's, I believe I could hasten the proceedings."

A quick reposition, then Jeeves withdrew his finger from me. I whimpered at the loss and craned the melon around to capture Jeeves’s lips with my own. Jeeves returned the kiss while coating my left hand's fingers in oil. When I was ready, he ended the liplock and guided my slippery digits easily under Rocky's leg, which now rested upon my hip, and between the halves of Rocky's posterior. I had often wondered what this particular touch felt like from Jeeves's end of things, if you understand me. Now that the moment arrived for me to find out, I held my breath in anticipation.

"Here, sir," Jeeves whispered in my ear before kissing me gently on the cheek. I shivered at both his lips on me and the wrinkled skin under my fingertip. Jeeves pushed my finger forward, and I breached the tight ring.

"Oh!" Rocky gasped against my collarbone. He pushed back against intrusion, and soon, my entire finger was buried inside his body. The man must have been running a fever, for, surely, no one could be so hot inside on a day-to-day basis. Briefly, I feared scalding my delicate portions, but when Jeeves starting moving my digit inside Rocky, I forgot all my concerns. Rocky was gasping and heaving like a bellows in my arms, thrusting his hips in time with the movement of my finger in a way that allowed his erect member to slide against my own. He had the lightest covering of sandy hair on his chest and it was rubbing my nipples in a most dashed exciting way. I pulled Rocky closer to me with my free arm and leaned more heavily against Jeeves, revelling in the feeling of their bodies surrounding me.

A short while later, Jeeves whispered, "Now another, sir," and pressed another finger inside.

Rocky gulped and clutched my shoulders. "Now," he pleaded. “I’m ready, dammit.”

"Just a moment more, sir."

My fingers slid within their tight confines a few times then were joined by one of Jeeves's long, slender fingers. "Now, now, now!" Rocky demanded with more force.

"Very good, sir."

And Jeeves pulled our hands away, angled my hips, shifted Rocky's, took me into his hand, guided me, and then I was engulfed. I haven't the words to describe the experience. It was hot, yes, and tight, but there was also Jeeves's magnificent form pressing against my backside and Rocky shouting obscenities in my ear. If I said the whole thing was Heavenly, it would be the biggest understatement since Balboa hit the Pacific Ocean and said, "Now, that's a lot of water."

I couldn't move at first. I was afraid of losing myself too quickly, having been close to the edge for quite some time. I knew from my experiences with Jeeves that the proper thing to do was to make certain Rocky reached the pinnacle before I allowed myself the same pleasure. If I felt anything like Rocky did on the inside, though, I don't know how the man did it.

Finally, I gave a tiny thrust of the hips. That felt jolly good, so I gave another. Then another. Rocky clutched me tighter and wailed, "Fuck me, Bertie!" My face flamed, but I complied.

As I worked in Rocky, Jeeves ran his hands down my flanks, soothing and arousing at the same time. He murmured encouraging things like "That's it, sir" and "A little deeper, Bertie" into my ear, all the while rubbing against me like an over-affectionate cat. He worked a hand between us and reinserted a finger into my body, hitting that place inside that only he knew how to find.

After an embarrassingly small amount of forward thrusts, I felt the end approaching. "Jeeves!" I cried and grabbed Rocky forcefully by the billowy parts, pulling him into my body hard. Quick as lightning, Jeeves's hand was between my legs, nearly crushing my eggs in his strong grip. I fear I made a bit of a racket, but the danger passed, as it were.

"Allow me, sir." Jeeves pushed on my back until I rolled, bringing Rocky underneath me. Immediately, Rocky’s long legs encircled my waist. I pushed up onto knees and elbows and gave the man a few hard ones, really throwing my back into the thing. Rocky found this pleasing, if his shouts of my name and various blasphemous vulgarities were any indication.

Through the haze of ecstasy that was beginning to cloud the Wooster onion, I felt Jeeves slide onto his knees behind me. His fingers travelled down my sweat-soaked back and lingered briefly over where I disappeared into Rocky's body before both his hands gripped my hips. Jeeves draped his form over me, planting his hands on the bed next to mine and sliding his enormous prick between the halves of me. "Hard now, sir," he urged. Jeeves's hips pushed hard against my own, moving with me and shoving me forcefully into Rocky. His right hand entwined with mine, then drew it down between Rocky and me, wrapping both of us around Rocky’s hot, swollen flesh and stroking hard.

It was at that point that Rocky lost all control. He hid his face in my throat, yelling, "Oh, God, Bertie! Yes, hard, please!" He exploded between our bellies, showering my chest and both Jeeves's and my own fist in his fluid. The muscle contractions of his body brought me to a brink that no matter of egg-squeezing would prevent, and I found myself climaxing so sharply that it was almost painful. I lost myself completely in the sensation.

Just as I was coming to the height of my bliss, Jeeves reared back and thrust himself into me. He shoved through the contractions of my body and buried himself deeply, causing my lower half to buck wildly with the over-stimulation. “Jeeves!” I cried over and over, moving erratically between Rocky’s body surrounding me and Jeeves’s piercing me. I soon found my vision failing me, and I fear I was almost overcome.

The noise I made must have been unbelievable, for when I regained my senses, Jeeves was petting my hair and shushing me as I imagine a mother would a screaming newborn babe. "Very good, sir," he was saying. "That was excellent, sir. You did so well. I love you, Bertie, very much."

"Jeeves," I gasped.

The petting stopped. "Sir?"

"Jeeves, have I died?"

"It was only the little death, sir. I take it the orgasm was a strong one?"

"And how, Jeeves!"

Rocky was still twitching in my arms, and I shifted him so that I could take most of my weight off him. Very carefully, Jeeves moved away from me, and I could feel the evidence of his climax escape with his softened member. Groaning, I pushed away from Rocky and withdrew myself from his body. Once we were no longer connected, I flopped backwards and sprawled in spent satiation. Rocky gave me a dopey smile that only I'd only ever seen on his face before when he was tight as an owl.

"That was terrific, Bertie! The best time I've ever had!"

"Eh? Oh, corking, old fruit. Just corking!" I have to admit I felt awfully chuffed that old Rocky deemed the minutes he'd spent in B. W. Wooster's arms the best he'd had.


"Yes, Jeeves?"

Jeeves lay down beside me and pulled me into his arms. I settled against my man and sighed, content in the blissful afterwhatsit.

"Though I expected the experience to be an arousing one, I must admit, sir, that watching you has affected me in ways I had not anticipated."

"Oh?" I asked.

"Yes, sir. I have the strongest desire to...." He trailed off in a vague way, then cupped me in his palm. Shocks of intense sensation coursed through me at his touch.

"Desire, Jeeves?" I asked weakly.

"To take this inside me, Bertie. To see you so lost in your pleasure and to know that it was Mr. Todd's body that brought you that pleasure.... I find myself wishing it had been me. I am sorry I could not give you that before, sir, but I know now that I will be able to do so in the future."

"Oh, love."

Jeeves leaned forward and I met him halfway in a blazing kiss.

"You two really are lovely together." Rocky's voice broke our quiet reverie. "I'm almost sorry I agreed to this. Now that I got a taste of it, I'm going to miss having you in my bed."

Jeeves calmly left said bed and biffed off, presumably to retrieve a cloth to clean away the worst of the damage. "Almost, Rocky? I take it then that you're not sorry?"

"Not at all! After you left in such a hurry last time, I thought I'd never get another chance to sleep with you."

"Oh, yes. Sorry about legging it like that, old bean. Hardly the gentlemanly thing to do, what?"

Rocky waved away the apology. "Never mind. I got what I wanted in the end. Literally, I suppose." He laughed, but I didn't get the joke.

"Er, quite." At that moment, I surprised myself with a large yawn. "Good Lord, that's exhausting work," I declared sleepily.

With a groan, Rocky sat up and stretched. "You and Jeeves can have this bed, Bertie. I'll sleep in the guest room tonight." He stood and fished about on the floor for his sweater then drew it over his head.

"You don't have to--"

"Thank you, Mr. Todd. That is most generous of you." Jeeves was back with the towel. He bid Rocky a good night as the American left, then meticulously cleaned my belly. If I could have purred under his touch, I would have, especially when he moved the towel lower and lovingly moved it over my softened anatomy. When he deemed me fit for sleep, he climbed into bed with me and held me close.

"Thank you, Jeeves," I murmured, now very close to sleep.

"You need not thank me, sir. I would do anything to bring you pleasure."

"I'm going to please you, as well. You know that, don't you, Jeeves? I mean, when you're ready. When we, well, you know. I'll make sure I please you."

"Yes, sir. I do know that. I look forward to the experience."

We snuggled together and drifted quickly off to sleep, dreaming of that day.

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  • (no subject)

    Title: Lovers of the Night, Part 3 Rating: NC-17 Disclaimer: The boys don't belong to me, not even in vamp form. Summary: Jeeves attempts to teach…

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