March 2nd, 2009

hop in jeeves

Jeeves in Reverse, Fic rated NC-17

Jeeves and Wooster in Love, Part 7

Title: Jeeves in Reverse
Author: waqaychay
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jeeves takes a turn, and Bertie plants a flag.
Disclaimer: Bertie and Jeeves belong to P.G. Wodehouse and not me. No offense meant to him, Hugh Laurie, or Stephen Fry.
A/N: Thank you once again to my lovely beta crowson75. I'd be lost without her. This is the last in the series, guys. It's been so much fun writing this, and I love these boys so very much. This is far from the last one I'll write, but I think the next might be a bit of a monster, so it may take a while. Of course, I'm sure there will be a few one-shot smutlets along the way. ;) The other parts can be found here or here.

And as a special treat, jackpy was an absolute darling and drew this to go with the fic. (NSFW) He calls it crappy, but I love it. Please do tell him how much you agree with me. :)

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